Forward-thinking garden designs with purpose and meaning

From concept to creation on the Mornington Peninsula

Garden designs that look after YOU, not the other way round

There’s no reason you should settle for a patch of lawn and a few hardy plants that don’t inspire you at all. 


And there’s no reason to invest in a landscaping masterpiece that will demand endless nurturing to thrive. 


Your garden is a part of your home and how you interact with it can impact your wellbeing and your lifestyle. 


So let’s give it the attention it deserves.

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Over 20 years of hands-on industry experience

Qualified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer

Local knowledge of the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne

Complimentary post installation check up and optional 12-months maintenance


Our garden has been completely transformed and we could not be happier with the result. Rob is extremely punctual and professional and his work ethic is second to none but more importantly his knowledge of plants and advice offered has been invaluable. — Kadyn, Mt Eliza

The Cutting Hedge Landscaping approach

The Cutting Hedge Landscaping approach

Garden experiences


Intentional and inviting garden zones will take you on a purposeful journey through your garden. 


Deeper connection


You can’t rush nature. There’s beauty in slowing down and watching the living elements in your garden grow and flourish over time.


Quality over time


Cutting corners now costs more in the long run. I combine high quality materials and plants with horticultural expertise to ensure your garden works for itself and for your family well into the future.

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How does the landscape design process work?



One of the secrets of having a garden that thrives is in the preparation. 


After an initial phone call briefing, we’ll arrange an onsite landscape design consultation


I’ll visit your home to survey the exact nature of your garden. We’ll consider your goals for the garden, the microclimate, and more, to come up with a concept and planting plan. 


We can also work on mood boards and drawings to help you visualise your dream garden. 

You’re then invited to visit my residential show garden in Mt Martha to experience how different garden elements can work together.




I will organise the right experts to visit your home for hard landscaping installations, such as paths and retaining walls. 


Then, I’ll soften and enhance those elements with intentional plant choices to create a cohesive look throughout your garden zones.




With a high-quality, forward-thinking design realised, you can now step back and let your garden begin to take care of itself. 


In the final handover, I’ll ensure you know exactly what you need to do to ensure your garden thrives. You’ll also have the opportunity to keep me around for ongoing garden maintenance.

Meet Rob, your local qualified landscape designer on the Mornington Peninsula


I’m a qualified horticulturist and landscape designer based in Mount Martha, near Melbourne.


I provide a rare combination of competent plant knowledge and forward-thinking garden designs to bring intention and purpose into your outdoor spaces. 


My passion lies in using plants to soften and enhance gardens, creating inviting garden zones that draw you outside to engage with nature. 

Our landscape design work across Melbourne