from Concept to Realisation


One of the secrets of a successful garden is a well thought-out design and the ability to choose the right plant for the right spot.  A garden can be many things, but ultimately it is a place where you do whatever you love - relax, entertain, play etc. There's absolutely no reason you should ever just settle for a patch of lawn and a few hardy plants.

Your garden is a part of your home and your life, and it can affect the way you feel. So it pays to give it the kind of attention that you would to the inside of your house.

My horticulture background enables me to create beautiful landscapes through proper plant selection plus a working knowledge of the practicalities involved. I'm able to tune into the unique circumstances of each outdoor space and that leads me toward a genuinely beautiful and practical design creations.

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Initial consultation (Brief)

Site survey/analysis

Concept plan

Mood boards & working drawing

Planting plan

Plant sourcing

Project monitoring
Completion & Handover

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