Hi, I'm Rob and gardens are my passion. My wife often jokes that even when I'm asleep I'm dreaming about gardens.

As a qualified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer with over 20 years in the industry everything I do is around how plants can enhance your garden and lifestyle. Whether it's creating garden rooms or re-modelling previously unused areas to be more of a feature, or starting a garden from scratch I put my heart and soul into every project.

I guess I've always been creative which means I'm easily able to understand and implement your vision. Or if you don't have a vision, I can help you with that too. Prior to building a business outdoors, I had an illustrious career as an international Chef. I've cooked alongside some very famous chefs and even cooked for Hillary Clinton during my time as Head Chef at the American Embassy in Slovakia. I also dabble in artwork which my family kindly let me display in our home.

I loved being a chef but I'm a family man and spending weekends and nights in a kitchen instead of with them took it's toll. So I went back to school when my first child was a baby, got established in the industry, built a business, and now creating works of art with nature is my mission in life.

I particularly like that the art I create in a garden lasts a little longer then the art I created as a chef!

I get that a great quality garden design will not only have to be practical and functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It also should be sympathetic to the surroundings and work in with your lifestyle.

Plants are there to soften, enhance and create a tranquil, harmonious microclimate for you to enjoy in your garden. And to show-off to friends and family (that's a nice bonus!).

I offer you design expertise, horticulture know-how, and understanding of the construction issues involved, and most importantly - passion in every project. Essentially you get everything you need all rolled into one with me.

So whether you want to create a new garden or improve on an existing one give me a call today and I will personally explain our process including a no-obligation quote.