Why should you choose me to design your garden?

Good question!

As I've mentioned, my real point of difference is that I am a qualified landscape designer who is actually also a qualified horticulturist. This rare combination of skills and expertise will ensure that together with a well thought-out design you are also getting someone with confident and competent plant knowledge enabling the design to live up to your vision.

Being a hands-on horticulturist who has maintained gardens and plant health for decades enables me to be a versatile designer. I'm also higly creative - this is my life not just a job.

When you work with me - you get me.
I have very deliberately chosen not to dilute the value of my service by employing others who don't have the same love or skill that I have. For me, pride in the work I do for you is more important than profits. So I'm the one who meets you onsite. I'm the one who walks through the garden/space. I feel the zone and check the soil. And I'm the one who looks at the surroundings so that your design doesn't inadvertently become an eye-sore because someone drew it in isolation.
I draw your design and I'm the one who installs the garden design and I personally project manage any trades required.
I also make sure that I leave you confident in knowledge how to look after your new dream garden - or - will personally maintain it for you.

Hard and Soft landscaping - what is the difference?

Hard landscaping - means all fixed surfaces, for example paving, retaining walls, decking. Soft landscaping - is best left to a horticulturist with extensive plant knowledge in order to achieve the best plant selection combinations to work in the space available. It also includes soil conditioning and pH, microclimate of plants and irrigation.

Hedges - is that part of your business?

My extracurricular interest are hedges, that's why I called my company "The Cutting Hedge" and yes, I can help you in any aspect of hedges. From including them in your garden design, to trimming and maintaining them. I can also help you to remove an old hedge or install a new one.